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Our ethos

A clean, conscious curation of realistic remedies to help counteract modern-day maladies, edited by wellness expert Suzanne Duckett and her tried and trusted experts. Via this site, social media and live events.

The Antidote’s written word…

I rarely do junk food, so why would I do junk beauty and baste my body in myriad chemicals? The Antidote’s simple, conscious ethos mirrors my view of eating – opting for as many organic and natural products as possible 80% of the time and splurging on the other stuff the other 20%. Give it a few years and we’ll be label-checking our face creams in the same way as we do our yoghurts.

Rather than getting obsessed about it all, I take the ‘a little of what you fancy’ approach. You won’t find mad, unsustainable regimes and fads here. Instead, we offer scrupulously edited products and distilled expert advice, all set against a wonderfully calm back-drop that’s been digitally de-cluttered so as not to overload your beauty cabinet or your mind. The Antidote believes that less is absolutely more – more space, more peace, more clarity, more time.

Like a sieve with large holes, me and my expert team and contributors sift through and share with you the best that the beauty and wellness worlds have to offer, giving you the same recommendations that I would give to my friends and family.

The Antidote’s spoken word…

Word of mouth and the spoken word will always trump social media. I’ll always prefer a real conversation to get my head round a matter and hear opinions and thoughts, news and insights, which is why I also host expert talks, based on the famed salons of Paris. These intimate gatherings are melting pots of cogitation where those with a professional and/or personal interest in conscious, intelligent beauty, grooming and wellbeing can meet to flesh things out over good coffee, enjoying intelligent debate about thorny and polarising issues facing the beauty and wellbeing sectors.

I get the pleasure of interviewing – for you, and with you – high-profile guest panellists. We will cover everything, from why we should be wary of using beauty products with a cocktail of chemicals to the most powerful natural skincare ranges, as well as practical nutrition, astrology and other topics from the wonderful world of the woo-woo.

These relaxed salons hark back to the 17th-century French tradition of gathering the thinking and feeling under one roof, with an inspiring host (that’ll be me), to amuse, refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation: the ultimate antidote to digital detachment and anti-social media and a wonderful dose of group therapy that you are very welcome to join. We will keep you posted on all our salons and their shooting stars…

Suzanne Duckett
Editor and Founder of the Antidote


TATLER contributor and Spa Guide Editor. Freelance writer for publications including Psychologies magazine, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times. I have also written for Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, Sunday Times Style, Wallpaper and Conde Nast Traveller, to name but a few. I appeared regularly on LK Today and GMTV for nearly ten years talking about all things beauty and wellbeing and had a talk show on London’s LBC.