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7 questions with Rupert Kingston

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The Antidote caught up with MUA-turned-entrepreneur Rupert Kingston, one of the founders of cult favourite beauty brand Delilah.

1. How did you decide the Delilah rose would be the symbol of the brand?

The name Delilah, which means seductive and beguiling, lives at the heart of the brand. It encapsulates the feeling of being empowered and beautiful and shows we’re a British brand in a subtle way. The rose is the symbol of English beauty.

2. What were the strongest British influences for the collection?

There are a few subtle nods to its British heritage, the main things are the two precious metals in the colour palette – Britannia metal, which we know as pewter, is a mixture of silver and tin and feels modern but classic at the same time, a beautifully warm grey. The other is crown gold, a rose-coloured gold introduced by Henry VIII, which is high end but soft and feminine. 

3. What’s your favourite product and why?

Farewell hyaluronic concealer, £24 as it plumps out the eyes.

4. Who is a Delilah woman?

Kate Winslet, Sienna Miller, Emma Willis, Alexa Chung, Naomi Harris – natural beauties who have effortless elegance. Less is more is the idea behind the range. Their foundation, for example, is moisturising, natural glowing, simple to apply.

5. Do you hold master classes we can come along to?

The salons and spas we work with hold two types of events – one-to-one where women can come on the day and spend 45 mins to an hour with a Delilah make-up artist, or evening master classes with 20 or 30 women where we talk through make-up application and the challenging parts of make-up – teaching women to step out of their comfort zone and wear plum in winter, and deep forest green on the eyes.

6. What are the next steps for Delilah?

Continue to launch simple, wearable paraben-free, dermatologically tested, beautiful products.

7. Finally what’s your top beauty tip?

When wearing foundation, prepare the skin properly with a moisturiser that’s low in oil and high in moisture. Apply really good primer beforehand and buff your foundation on with a fluffy buffing brush.