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A better breakfast

the Antidote to... a mega fry-up

We’re always told that breakfast is king, but NHS weight loss consultant surgeon and health expert Dr Sally Norton is offering a different take…

Is a good breakfast essential?
There is no good evidence that a full-on breakfast is essential for health or weight control. What’s more the classic sugary cereal with fruit juice could be sabotaging our weight control efforts by giving us a sugar dip mid-morning, leaving us reaching for a sugary snack to top our energy levels up again.

In a rush?
I am happy to just grab a banana and go. Another quick option would be to blitz a ripe banana and some oats (great for the heart) in a blender with some ice, milk (or almond milk for a lower cal, dairy free option) and fresh or frozen berries if available. The resultant smoothie is filling and full of nutrition, without the excess of sugar found in shop-bought smoothies.

Early-morning exercise
A banana may not be enough post-exercise. Go for protein and carbs such as a veg and tuna omelette with extra egg white or a bowl of Greek yoghurt and blueberries and a piece of wholemeal toast. Protein is a better breakfast choice than sugary granola or muesli: choose eggs or other protein sources, oats and other wholegrains and whole fresh fruit packed with fibre rather than fruit juice.

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