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A cleaner kitchen leads to weight loss

the Antidote to... a dirty kitchen

A cleaner kitchen leads to weight loss, new study shows

Solid surface specialist Tristone has urged weightwatchers to consider upgrading their kitchen following a new study from Cornell University, which has shown that having a cleaner kitchen increases the chances of losing weight. The study shows that a messy kitchen leads to eating more high-calorie foods, and suggests that when in a chaotic environment, we often resort to comfort eating – in part as a way to deal with the mess, and partly because the mess encourages us to act ‘chaotically’ ourselves.

Howard Noh, the Managing Director of Tristone, has advised that a new kitchen can be a positive step towards shedding that spare tyre, and with Tristone offering multiple surface products for the kitchen there’s no better time than the present to renovate your kitchen and lose weight at the same time.

“It takes an awful lot of willpower to lose weight at the best of times, so it is important to do everything you can to smooth the process along,” said Howard. “This new study has shown that a chaotic environment in the kitchen leads to us adopting a similar strategy towards our eating – in other words, caring less about our diet. Changing your kitchen is now a twofold win – one for your kitchen and one for your waistline!”

The study’s leader, Lenny Vartanian, split participants of the study up into two groups and asked them to wait 10 minutes in a kitchen. One kitchen was organised and clean, whilst the other was messy with plates and other rubbish left out. He found that after 10 minutes, participants in the cluttered kitchen had eaten 65 more calories on average than those in the clean kitchen.

“Having the right framework in place will help you lose weight quicker, and more effectively, as this study now proves,” said Howard. “Having a kitchen that is quick and easy to clean will help you to stay on top of the state of your kitchen, meaning a better chance of losing weight.”

Howard comments that there are other advantages to renovating your kitchen as well, with an improved kitchen on average increasing the value of a home by £2,350. Tristone’s range of products help all sorts of people from weightwatchers and eating champions alike, to designers and interior decorators keep on top of kitchens with hygienic, non-porous surfaces which are quick and easy to clean. With surfaces taking up a large part of the space in the kitchen area, keeping these clean is a central aspect of keeping the overall kitchen in a good state.

 “Once you’ve sorted out the surfaces, then half the battle is won,” explains Howard. “Stains on surfaces, can be extremely difficult to clean properly, and the grouting is a source of major bacterial buildup, which not only looks unclean, but is also very bad for your health. As Tristone surfaces can be joined seamlessly and offer coved up-stands, they remove the need for grouting. While I would always advocate a thorough clean for hygiene reasons, generally a quick wipe down will work on Tristone, compared to the deep and difficult scrubbing required to clean surfaces made from granite or marble. If you’re looking to lose weight – or you just want a clean kitchen – it’s the best place to start,” Howard concluded.

Tristone offers high quality surfaces at reasonable prices, and are available in a wide range of colours. More information about Tristone’s products can be found at