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Amelia Freer on body image

Amelia Freer is my favourite well-known nutritionist. She is properly qualified (there are qualifications and there are qualifications – that’s what the letters after her name are – proper qualifications not a weekend/scratch the surface certificate).

That means of course she sees actual clients and has done many hours of clinical time, face to face in the flesh with real people with real issues from the less so to the serious. She knows her onions! She’s also lovely, approachable, calm and collected, someone you could open up to and the absolute best advert for what she does – healthy and glowy from the inside out. Plus she’s fun too, not all earnest and lecturing, the person you wish you’d got sat next to at the dinner party…

You must read her latest blog on Body Image. And pass it on to all the women and men you know who could do with a reminder that we are not only what we eat/don’t eat, or how we look/don’t/should look.

Never have we been so vain – from print media, social media, the school run, the office, the bar, the hotel poolside etc etc etc. So utterly selfie-indulgent.

Think on Amelia’s wise words ‘true appreciation of your natural body shape and a deeply held understanding that physical appearance is in no way a reflection of character, personality or value as a person’. Her advice?

Nourishment is in many forms:

Try to:

Reduce the opportunity for comparison.

Write to yourself from the perspective of a wonderful, wise sage

Rewrite your story

Read her full blog here (where this arresting and clever image is from FYI).