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An apple a day

the Antidote to... the antidote to dull skin

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Apple Brightening Peel is a potent apple-based product that refines the texture of the skin and diminishes discolouration due to sun damage – no more age spots!

Part of a range of serum, cream, mist and moisturiser, it includes lactic acid, azelaic acid and magic (apple) acid – AHAs that can create a tingling effect on the skin when applied (patch test recommended).

Designed to be used twice a week after cleansing, then rinsed off after 3-5 minutes, the peel does look – and smell – a bit like pureed apple but it smooths on very easily. Good for reducing signs of age and uneven pigmentation. 

MyChelle Apple Brightening Peel, £26