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And relax… Kloris CBD Oil

Feeling anxious and stressed? Who isn’t! Now might be a good time to consider trying CBD oil.


Why? The human body naturally responds to certain emotions and situations by releasing stress hormones – a useful thing when we needed our fight or flight instincts to kick in for actual survival. Not so great today, when most stressors are caused by the obvious health crisis on top of the usual triggering things like urgent emails, demanding work life and other personal issues etc. The secret to the stress reaction is to balance things out afterwards and CBD is all about regaining equilibrium.

How? It comes down to the endocannabinoid system (a complex cell-signalling network which runs throughout the entire body affecting almost all functions) and how CBD and the other 120+ cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant interact with it. There are endocannabinoid receptors in all of your muscles, your organs, your bones, your skin and nervous system. Each of these jump to work when they are activated by endocannabinoids created within the body (such as Anandimide, or the ‘bliss molecule’, famed for releasing a euphoric, healing but short-lived ‘runners high’ during exercise) and external cannabinoids, found within certain plants. 

“CBD in particular, found in the hemp or cannabis plant, has a remarkable effect on these receptors” says Kim Smith the founder of a CBD brand called Kloris that I really trust and rate (packaging is gorgeous too). But unlike psychotropic THC (the bit that gets you stoned) which fits into the receptors like a lock and key (just the same as Anandimide), CBD attaches itself to the receptors and modulates the shape so that the Anandimide molecule can no longer fit into them. “At the same time, CBD inhibits the enzyme which rapidly breaks this molecule down. As a result, Anandimide, our in-built stress-suppressor is able to freely flow through the body” says Kim. “Without being hit by the enzyme which would ordinarily mop this up and its bliss-inducing, relaxing effects, Anandimide then has much more time to circulate and drastically reduce feelings of stress and the physiological and emotional negative impact stress hormones have. 

Natural levels of this marvellous molecule, and other endocannabinoids, are regularly thrown out of balance and reduced for many reasons – chronic stress, lack of sleep, poor diet for starters (known as an ‘endocannabinoid deficiency’). CBD oil is a true antidote and a natural supplement based on plant science that works with your body to help it function as it should

KLORIS 500mg (5%) 10ml CBD oil drops contain the highest quality organic European grown Cannabis Sativa L extracts available in the UK today. Interested in trying? I have got you Antidote devotee code which will get you a 15% discount of all items on the Kloris website. 

I particularly recommend the CBD STARTER KIT, £70 or £59.50 with The Antidote Devotee Discount – it comes with  5ml bottle of 5% CBD Oral Oil Drops (around 100 drops, or 2-3 weeks usage) ; CBD Superboost Face Oil (10ml bottle, ~200 drops, or 1-2 months usage) and Travel CBD Balm pot (5ml pot, approx. 3-4 weeks usage).

The oral drops taste a bit, well, spliff-y (apparently), so I take them in the evening as part of my going to bed routine and pre-toothbrush. I am definitely noticing what I can only describe as a sort of life reacting buffer-effect. I just don’t get as worked up about things and I like it! The face ones are a great little night cream pimp-up! I add a few drops to my existing night cream to soup up the antioxidants plus CBD oil is also said to be a brill anti-inflammatory which helps slow the ageing process and nurtures the brightness, tone and texture of the skin.

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