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Arrigo + The Bridge

I am a big fan of the Arrigo programme and also sent a trusted writer to review The Bridge for Tatler Spa Guide this year; and she raved about it, so what a collaboration. Here’s a taste as per Fiona Arrigo, Founder of AP that she posted on her Instagram feed recently…

“For our Spring India retreat we chose to partner with The Bridge Retreat.

If you are wondering why, its because their approach offers such relevant work for us today, on how to be human, addressing the most potent aspects, our grief, our pain and guiding us on how to be in community; this is why I asked them to India for our first Arrigo Retreat this year.

We are making the final preparations to begin our program tomorrow and reflecting on intention. Their work truly touches the depths of the heart, for however much work we have all done, we constantly need to return, to keep cleaning our hearts, creating space, so we may love more widely.”

Fiona Arrigo