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Balance me restore and replenish overnight repair mask

the Antidote to... residue on your pillow

The latest addition to the Collagen Boost range, this mask contains plenty of collagen- and elastin-boosting ingredients to ensure that you wake with peachy, dewy skin worthy of a baby. Super-hydrating, with plant-derived active ingredients, Aurealis to boost hyaluronic acid production and blackberry leaf extract as a powerful antioxidant, the mask delivers on its promise.

The texture is quite smooth and waxy, and it slides on the skin easily. Designed to be used twice weekly, you simply leave it on the skin for 15 minutes, tissue off any excess then retire to bed to leave it to work its magic overnight (with no residue on the pillow as an added bonus).

Balance me restore and replenish overnight repair mask, 50ml – £50