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The Bathe Podcast is live!

the Antidote to... boring podcasts that you don't feel part of

Leave the hustle and bustle, the noise and screens behind, and join me and some very special guests on a journey into relaxation and the wonderful, watery world of wellbeing.

To celebrate the release of my new book Bathe, I have invited some special guests to join me in some truly immersive experiences having spa treatments at top London spa: together we discover the invigorating power of all sorts of bathing from the intense Russian Banya (yes we got slapped with bunches of branches!) to the emotional harmony of sound and the soothing, purifying and re-energising mud Rasul.

And you won’t be left behind – in this podcast, listeners get up close and personal with the experience: the benefits, secrets and sounds of each treatment.

Start the year with some new experiences: close your eyes and plunge into a world of wellness. Bathing is a primal ritual, but it’s never been more relevant. The conversation starts here. The podcast series will be 6 episodes long and guests include Liz Earle, Melissa Hemsley, Ward Thomas, Rosemary Ferguson, Claire Sanderson, (editor of Woman’s Health) and fitness trainer Louise Parker.