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Affordable wellbeing

the Antidote to... expensive expertise

Now THIS is exciting – a new clinic has opened in the heart of London dedicated to proper, affordable rather than marketed/trendy wellbeing, or designer wellbeing as I call it.

Be Well London, run at the University of Westminster clinic, Fitzrovia has been set up by seriously qualified and experienced complimentary therapists and what a refreshing change…

Green and serene!



I, for one, don’t think health should have a designer label or a designer price tag. Which is why Be Well London is a welcome addition to the wellbeing scene: it isn’t masquerading as an extortionate, members-only, five-star boutique hotel in a fancy-shmancy venue resulting in more style than content and excessive prices only the very wealthy can afford.

Instead, Be Well London is a multidisciplinary complementary health clinic run by alumni and teaching staff at the University of Westminster clinic – one of the finest health institutions in complementary medicine training and research. All practitioners are educated to a BSc level, which involves three years of full-time training, up to 500 practical clinic hours and a thorough understanding of biomedical theory.

The team.

If, like me, you have more or less given up on your local GP for your health management, this training and dedication to ongoing research and results is critical. If you are to join the more alternative path to health and happiness, it needs to rooted in as much evidence as possible, which is what Be Well London treatments and practitioners are all about.

“We believe that raising standards is essential to ensure optimum outcomes for patients,” says clinic manager Susanne Kaiser, who I am personally a patient of. “If we can help we will, and if we can’t we will refer on to our extensive network of other healthcare professionals.” The female collectiveness of this special clinic is another wonderful aspect. “We believe in working together as a close team, sharing our collective knowledge,” says naturopath Kate Fismer. “As we’re a cooperative, practitioners benefit equally whether they are treating patients or working on the educational programmes. This eliminates any potential therapy bias.”

Treatments are more accessible compared to so many places of this ilk.  A 15 minute introductory gatekeeper appointment is free of charge and will help you decide which therapy to book. Then in-depth consultations are around £180 for 100-120 minutes appointment.

Be Well London offer a wide range of complementary therapies and you can even have synchronized appointments where two practitioners from different fields sit in on your consultation – talk about 2 wonderful heads being better than one (Sessions typically last 90 minutes for the first session, £90).

Choose from western herbal medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, nutritional therapy and different types of massage. Specialists clinics will feature on topics such as eczema, fertility, female wellbeing, weight loss, sport and fitness, plus stress.

I am booking my husband and myself in for the Health MOT, ‘for those who want more of an insight into their health’ says my favourite and most trusted London nutritionist, Jackie McCusker and member of the Be Well London team. ‘Our experts have developed a personalised programme from a multidisciplinary perspective, following extensive assessments and a wide range of tests that will result in a detailed report and highlight areas that will benefit from early and immediate interventions’ she says.

Be Well London will also be running educational seminars and workshops ranging from seasonal tips for flu, nutrition for health and fitness, mindful eating seminars (including chocolate meditation!) to hands-on workshops in the clinic’s dispensary.

Book your appointment now to beat the waiting list that is sure to follow when word gets out about this place (clinic hours are limited to 18.30-21.30 on Wednesdays at the moment). Because without the emotional and physical support of these amazing therapies and practitioners, London can be a hard place to be well…