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Beauty from the inside out

the Antidote to... a less-than-clean diet

I’m a big believer in getting good looks via your gut and this cracking combination of raw cocoa, plant proteins, alkalising greens, probiotics and metabolism-boosting green tea is a great example of how to turbo charge your beauty routine from inside out.

With 23 skin-loving superfoods in one berry formula, the powder is certainly a powerhouse of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It’s easy to get your fix: simply mix into your favourite nut milk for a pre-workout or nourishing afternoon shake or smoothie, or sprinkle onto your morning porridge bowl.

If you prefer a liquid formulation, Hydration Inner Beauty Boost is a good choice. A bio-fermented beauty elixir, it boasts at least 6 billion probiotics per serving, along with coconut water, aloe vera and lemon myrtle. To boost your gut, mix 1 tablespoon with 200ml water. 

The Beauty Chef Body Inner Beauty Powder £48 

The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost £29