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The best time to have your morning coffee

the Antidote to... coffee-induced morning madness

Are you a ‘NEED, COFFEE’ the moment the alarm goes off person? You may or may not be surprised to discover your ‘first-thing-in-the-morning’ coffee may be doing you more harm than good. So what is the best time of morning for your caffeine hit?


According to A study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information if you have a sensitive stomach lining (so many of us do) drinking coffee, even decaffeinated beans, on an empty tummy can make you bloat, cause indigestion and heartburn.

Plus coffee on an empty stomach can also increase peeing, potentially dehydrating you. Not good in the morning after hours sleeping and ‘drying-out’. It can also affect your pulse, causing an irregular heartbeat by putting pressure on the heart and can adversely affect blood pressure and mood.

Add to that the fact  the body releases the hormone cortisol at its highest levels between 8am and 9am to wake you up. Experts reckon coffee could mess with this natural process by decreasing the cortisol levels making you too reliant on the caffeine to get you going.

I personally have banned early morning coffee’s in my house because it was making my hubby and me too whizzy and unreasonably stressy (aka touchy and argumentative – not ideal when you’re trying to get yourself, child, dogs out the house by 8.45am).

So when is the best time (for both mind & body) to have your must-have, morning brew?

Save that coffee hit for mid-morning (between 10a-11am), when you are really ready for it – and it will feel like a luxury rather than a necessity and so much more enjoyable.