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La Trasierra

the Antidote to... internal and external life noise

Come to the mountains that breathe

I was recently bowled over with beauty at La Trasierra in Seville. Blessed with the cleanest air, quietest nights and more than just a female touch or two, this peaceful, family-run estate nestled in a wild, unspoilt corner of Andalucía is more about what it doesn’t have as opposed to what it does. No crammed spa and wellbeing schedules, no pushy concierge convincing you to dine at umpteen nearby restaurants and no, thank heavens, turn-down service. It’s simple, beautiful and feels like a gorgeous good old friend’s place (rich one, clearly) who lives by an open house policy allowing you to rock-up unannounced and collapse on the squishy sofa’s G&T in hand, in front of the fire or with a jug of sangria on a sun lounger by the pool – temperature dependant.

Known as ‘the hotel for people who don’t like hotels’ you can also do great, grass root yoga  here (plain, simple, gimmick-free hatha yoga). Taught by owner Charlotte Scott’s daughter, Amber, you might even be graced with the wonderful vision of all three generations of female Scott family’s yoga-ing together if grandmother Charlotte and Amber’s 5 year old daughter decide to join the class. The food is Spanish, seasonal and simply delicious, which you need to help power you through your sun salutations and the many beautiful walks through the spring flowers in the surrounding hills.

Pretty flowers and home-made products using local oranges.

Come evening, the mood changed, musicians arrived and played us Spanish guitar.