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Celebrity facialist Su-Man’s tips for strong and healthy skin

The 53-year-old has worked with famous glamathons who looks a good decade younger than their years, including: Juliette Binoche, Frieda Pinto and Joely Richardson. Her work is a combination of knowledge derived from her childhood in Taiwan and modern science.

“It’s not just about correction – prevention is just as important. Start young, start well and don’t stop.”

Su-Man’s top face care tips are:

1.     Be careful not to over-wash your face – twice a day is more than enough. Over-washing stripped skin’s natural oil could cause breakouts.

2.     Be generous with the amount of product you apply to the skin. This will make it easier when applying, as your hands should glide easily over the surface without resistance.

3.     Always massage firmly when applying the product, moving the muscles under the skin rather than pulling the surface. This increases microcirculation and warms the muscles, which allows the skin to absorb product more effectively.

4.   To minimise fine lines around the eyes, regularly apply pressure around the socket and apply eye cream in a zigzag motion. This will help release the tension.

5.     The face doesn’t end with your features – remember to apply product and massage right up to the hairline, along the ears, around the jawline and over the neck.

6.     Have a go at making your own face mask to apply each night before your bedtime beauty regime. Mix half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and apply in a thin layer for 30 minutes. This is a great natural treatment. 

7.     Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent any wrinkles in the face, neck and chest as it stops the skin from folding through pillows and bed sheets. If you need to sleep on your side, make sure your pillow is a little higher and there is no gap between your neck and shoulder.

8.     Keeping a glass of water on your desk during the day can help maintain the moisture in the room, which will benefit your skin and eyes. 

9.     Your eyes can suffer over the years due to elements such as central heating, air conditioning and staring at technology. To help soothe and prevent eye problems, regularly exercise your eyes and try to give your eyes a rest every hour. This can be done by either closing your eyes for a minute or looking into the distance.

10. The neck is the most active and mobile area of the spine and should not be forgotten with regards to skincare. The skin is generally thinner and drier and constant movement and lack of oil production can cause wrinkles and creases to appear much faster than other parts of the body. Cleanse your neck every morning and night to get rid of grime, and regularly exfoliate to get ride of dead skin. Follow with a moisturiser to keep the neck hydrated.