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The dentist’s guide to drinking

Many of us have our go-to drinks, but could they be doing our teeth harm? Dentists at White Glo uncover the drinks we should lean towards, and those we should avoid in the name of oral health…


Prosecco, cocktails, wine… which drinks are kind to your teeth and which ones should you avoid? Dentists at teeth whitening brand White Glo have compiled a guide for drinking and good oral health.

We all know cocktails tend to be saturated with sugar, but did you know that wine, vodka and rum are also best in moderation? Red wine will discolour your teeth and white wine has higher acidity, which eats away at tooth enamel. Cava, with lower acidity, is a better choice.

When it comes to spirits, a gin and tonic should be your go-to tipple, as it’s lower in acid – adding ice is even better, while a dark rum and Coke won’t help your teeth at all. Vodka may seem innocent, but in fact it dries the mouth out, reducing saliva and leading to bad breath (pack sugar-free gum if you think you’ll be kissing anyone under that mistletoe!)

Whatever you end up drinking, dentists suggest that you brush your teeth after a night out to restore the mouth’s acid levels. And for an instant brightener, try White Glo Bright Nights teeth whitening strips.