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Color Wow Cocktails

the Antidote to... lacklustre locks

Each Color Wow cocktail supports a different ‘issue’ and the idea is to choose the one that’s right for your type of hair damage, using them as if they were supplements. Perhaps a bit of a marketing bluff, but we were willing to give them a try: the idea of a haircare product that eliminates frizz and breakage and instils shine is always appealing.

First up was the Coconut Cocktail. This tackles the hair’s outer lipid layer and allowing the strands to slide past each other – ideal for dry hair, which is more susceptible to humidity and frizz. The Carb Cocktail also works on the outer layer, mending broken-down keratin with its natural thickening carbs. This cocktail is great for people with fine, oily hair as the carbs actually absorb excess oil while bulking up the hair follicles! The remaining cocktail in the trio – Kale Cocktail – focuses on hair breakage from within by mending the sulphur bonds (blue sea kale is a rich natural source of sulphur). Just one treatment reduces breakage by 50%.

Before use, make sure your cocktail of choice is shaken (not stirred). Also, be careful when pouring as first time round it spilt out everywhere. We found that these products definitely work better with heat as this speeds up the process and locks in the product. Each cocktail is only temporary, however, so you have to repeat with every wash.

Color Wow Cocktails, £22 each – buy them here