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Brightening spark

There’s no point wringing your hands over the weather – we are on a little island surrounded by lots and lots of water and weather systems. It is what it is. Instead, fire up a precious candle for some heartfelt central heating knowing where there is cold and darkness you can create light and warmth inside out, and outside in. At the strike of a match.

My candles of choice are from Lightworker Jane Kersel’s Tantrika Candle Collection – they are truly divine. Jane is my favourite yogi and consciousness guide and she has taken the humble candle beyond the visual (though the splendid hefty black glossy glass gives a flickering flame the ultimate backdrop and drama). Each candle is made from natural plant wax infused with top-quality, mood-piercing essential oils and, what’s more, each one comes with a gorgeous simple little meditation practice and semi-precious crystal. So, why not create a sacred ritual at home conjuring up a different mood. Run a bath, light the candle and follow her meditation to drive out the blues, the greys….. The  shadows dancing near you afterwards will be beautiful ones cast on the ceiling and walls of your bathroom.

Try carrying your crystal with you on those days when your heart needs to feel a stronger connection to home.

Box that’s too beautiful to recycle even
Let there be light
Mini meditation
Brightening spark


There are three to choose from:

Ahem Prema – For Love
For the times when we need to feel more love for ourselves or want to share love with everyone around us. It combines heart notes of rose, violet and everlasting flower with base notes of cedarwood and patchouli, complemented by the radiant, loving energies of a rose quartz crystal.

Dawn Puja – The Dawn and Ritual of New Beginnings
For the times when we want to clear out the old and invite the new. This is an oriental, woody fragrance imbued with top notes of uplifting bergamot, cardamon and rose with calming vetiver and amber complemented by the inspirational and connecting vibrations of an amethyst crystal.

Cosmic Passion – Creativity, Desire and Abundance
For the times when we want to stoke the fires of our deepest desires and lift ourselves out of intertia, reconnecting back to the very juice of life and the light in our souls. A sensual, earthy, grounding fragrance featuring top notes of peony, bergamot and tobacco with jasmine, orange blossom and cedarwood boosted by the illuminating and energising vibrations of a citrine crystal.



Let there be love and Light
Jane Kersel donates 10% of the sale of each candle, her yoga classes and private work to War Child; a charitable foundation for war-torn children. Its mission is to support and improve the protection and care of children who live with insecurity, poverty and exclusion in some of the worst conflict-afflicted places in the world. As Jane sees it, ‘one tiny step at a time we are taking an active part in healing our divided world by taking time to pause, turn inwards and begin to notice and heal the wars and conflicts within ourselves’.