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Double bubble this weekend and another topic close to my

Double bubble this weekend and another topic close to my heart – health! And in particular, health-span and wellness longevity. My @telegraph spa guide is in today’s edition and the real story behind it is this: take the N in the NHS and change it to an M making it the MHS, My Health Service and take control of YOUR own health. It doesn’t belong to anyone else therefore YOU need to own it, support it and invest in it more than any other asset. A health spa is a damn good start! When I first started reviewing spas way back when, they fell into two main camps. The ‘destination spas’, big old institutions dedicated to your wellbeing, run by owners who were as brilliant and progressive as they were eccentric and well-meaning. They were frequented by very old rich people whiling away their twilight years doing grapevines on loop in shouty group fitness classes (it was all right for them, they were half deaf) or by supermodels there to detox. Even the really ‘glamorous’ ones were to be endured. Going home was the highlight. And then there were the hotel spas, grotty little establishments at the back of beyond, down a forgotten corridor that, towards the end, would have a light flickering on and off for added impending doom. The treatments? Glorified high-street beauty salons at best – except a lot more expensive and lot less fun.
Unlike yesteryear spa and unlike many conventional hospitals and a tragically crumbling NHS, today’s top spas are gleaming modern marvels and a little like health fortune tellers. If you get there before things have started to ‘go’ too much, they will look at your entire being, analysing not just body, but also mind and emotions, the root of so many ills. We are all living longer, but it’s now about healthspan – and the smart money is on spas and programmes promoting longevity via prevention, diagnosis and early detection. Let’s call it health rather than wealth management: invest well and you’ll live longer and happier, the absolute best ROI going in my book.
My extended version of the piece today will be on my website tomorrow. I’ll give you the heads up. Happy healthy new year to you all. @healingholidays