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To cleanse or to double-cleanse?

the Antidote to... improper facial cleansing

Double-cleansing may sound like an absolute faff but it’s now a recognised thing, thanks to our polluted atmosphere. (And no, it’s not a ploy to make products run out faster.) Cleansing is the cornerstone of good skincare and doing the double means washing your face once to remove makeup, then again to remove stubborn pollution particles and dirt.

We’re loving the Romilly Wilde  range and their Light + Energy Serum Cleanser with sea buckthorn fruit, saffron, turmeric, manuka honey and schisandra is a real find.

The oil-centric balm quickly melts into the skin to improve radiance and vitality. After massaging it in, rinse off into a milk using the organic muslin cloth. £54 for 100ml.

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