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Flight for freedom: tulayoga with Louka Leppard

the Antidote to... a stiff upper lip

At £350, it ain’t cheap, but the airborne asanas of Louka’s intuitive massage will leave you feeling unplugged and aligned physically and emotionally… By Sophie Benge


Words don’t do justice to a tulayoga treatment with Louka but if I could use just one it would be ‘unplugged’. Much of what is contained within comes out – physical knots, trapped emotions and tears too.

Nearly three hours of hands and feet connection with Louka is more like a communion than a treatment: a deep dialogue in virtual silence and a meditation with the sensations in my body which also speak louder than words.

Louka nurtures the body into letting go through intuitive massage. Then it’s time to take flight, to tip, tuck and turn like a kinetic sculpture on the four-point balance of his hands and feet. His 22-posture composition of airborne asanas allows gravity to kick in for deeper muscle release, body alignment and emotional harmony. “The more you trust, the more you release,” he says.

There’s nothing remotely erotic about a Tula (Sanskrit for ‘balance’) Yoga union with Louka but it’s something beautifully intimate nonetheless. You couldn’t find a more trustworthy pair of hands. Or feet.

Two-and-a-half-hour treatments in London and Geneva £350. Louka also offers workshops and cruises. Contact him here