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Gazelli White Oil intensive age repair cream and ultimate firming serum

the Antidote to... skin that looks and feels older than it should

Based on genetic scientist Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva’s formulations , the award-winning (as in awards that carry weight and gravitas not just the industry pat-on-the-back brigade!) Gazelli Triple Youth Range is effective and super luxurious. Intensive Age Repair Cream (£70 for 50ml), is formulated with Gazelli White Oil™ (clinical studies are impressive – carried out on women aged 41-50, 89% saw an improvement in wrinkles, 96% in overall skin condition and 93% reported improved hydration); powerfully hydrating and rich in protective antioxidants, it’s glorious to use and leaves skin glowing with optimal health, strength and improved elasticity.

Ultimate Firming Serum (£75 for 30ml) is another award winner and rightly so: it lifts and firms, targets lines and wrinkles, triggers cell regeneration and protects from free radical damage.  Applied to any area of the body for an immediate healing effect. Actually incredible value for money comparatively speaking. Exquisite.