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the Antidote to... bad skin

Amelia Freer is a panellist on the board of ELEMIS experts. Here, she shares her tips for eating yourself into glowing skin:

Amelia’s transition to a highly knowledgeable nutritionist began with her own need to make changes in her life when problems with her skin went beyond her teens into her twenties: “When I changed what I ate, my skin rapidly improved. I truly value my body and appearance now because I know what it’s like to suffer from bad skin.”

If you’re thinking of making some changes to your diet to revive your complexion, Amelia’s first piece of advice would be to ‘cut out all forms of sugar.’ If the cravings drive you mad, pure dark or raw chocolate should hit the spot. Or avocados. “I don’t recommend snacking at all, but avocados are amazing for your skin, as are raw nuts and organic fruit.” To help boost skin health, Amelia’s favourite smoothie recipe is pear, green leaves, chia seeds, maca and coconut water.

She has been a fan of ELEMIS since she first stumbled upon a BA treatment on her travels. Now a facial devotee, she has found that her love for natural solutions to a healthy body and mind align perfectly with the ELEMIS philosophy: ‘The products and treatments are intelligent and they really work. I know how much research and work goes into the brand – it’s impressive.”

With the double-pronged attack of expertly developed skincare and nutrition, skin will have no choice but to glow with health. Amelia has helped train the therapists to extend their knowledge of what keeps skin healthy, and has designed the juice menu for The House of ELEMIS.

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