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How to: oil pulling

Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic technique that leave your mouth, skin and body feeling rejuvenated.

Director of Ayurveda Pura Health & Beauty Spa, Dr Deepa Apte shares her top tips on incorporating this simple ritual into your daily life.

Oil pulling or ‘Gandusha’ as it’s traditionally known refers to the process of gargling with oil which helps to draw out or pull toxins from the body, hence where it gets it’s name.

Warmed sesame oil is the most common type of oil used however olive oil and in particular coconut oil are becoming more popular and they taste slightly better too!

It’s so easy you can do it while you’re in the shower! Simply take 2-3 tablespoons of oil in your mouth and ‘swish’ the oil around for 2-3 minutes being careful not to swallow. Afterwards spit out the oil and clean your teeth thoroughly.

It’s not just for your mouth. When practiced regularly oil pulling can help with a multitude of issues including insomnia, dry eyes, fine lines, wrinkles and even sciatica and constipation.

About Dr Deepa Apte:

Dr Deepa Apte is the founder and director of Ayurveda Pura Health and Beauty Spa, London. An expert in her field Dr Apte is a fully qualified Indian medical doctor, a qualified Yoga teacher and a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. She regularly lectures on the subject of Ayurveda both in the UK and abroad.

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