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How to: reducing redness

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If you’re suffering from eczema, breakouts, rosacea or any other form of redness, leaving the house in the morning and feeling remotely satisfied with your complexion can seem like quite the feat…

Thankfully, The Antidote have turned to Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at NutriCentre for a few tips on how to reduce inflammation and gain back your confidence:

1. Beware of what you’re eating – if you can’t altogether eliminate known allergens from your diet such as diary, gluten, eggs and soya then at least reduce them significantly.

2. Same goes for expose to chemical toxins – check out what chemicals you slather on as part of your daily beauty routine and try to switch to eco-friendly options.

3. Boost your omega 3 levels as inflammation can often be the result of a fatty acid deficiency.

4. Get your vitamins by eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, ideally 8-10 portions a day to optimise your nutrient and antioxidant levels.