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BioEffect miracle eye serum

the Antidote to... ageing, tired eyes

I test hundreds of products and hands down BioEffect EGF + 2A Daily Treatment (£195) is the BEST serum ever, particular brilliant on the eye area. EGF (epidermal growth factors) slow down production as we age; it used to be sourced from human cells, but this phenomenal (and clever) skincare mimics the human molecules from barley plants.

Just one drop twice a day is enough to increase skin’s thickness by 60% over time, as well as firming skin and reducing fine lines. All it takes is two steps: Intense Anti-Ageing concentrate to increase skin volume and density, then Energizing Urban Pollution Fighter, which uses ferulic and azelaic acids to protect skin from free radical damage.

Genius. Investment buy, lasts ages, results so incredible the price will seem cheap. For real.

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