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The magic, marvellous menstrual cycle

I think it is sacrilegious that the vast majority of women are taught from a tender, young age that our period and our magical menstrual cycle is a bloody nuisance that we have to shut up and put up with tarnished with shame, pain, and embarrassment.

This sacred flow is a key aspect of our bodies as well as the biological mechanism that gives rise to life and is to be honored so as not to be detached from how to tune into our own inner wisdom.

‘Women are rarely ever shown the sacredness, creativity, and wisdom that is embedded in their rhythmic monthly cycle—the feminine cycle—or how to harness its power’ says @bloodmilkwomen a FANTASTIC Community for the Awakening Woman by @corawomen ‘If we live in alignment with the seasons of our cycle, stop rejecting it, and actually understand which of our strengths and qualities are highlighted during each phase, we can become more productive, more at ease in our own bodies, and more confident, proud, and powerful women as a whole” they say and praise be to that say I!