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Iceland’s purest

the Antidote to... polluted landscapes

The Soley skincare range is as pure as can be – wild herbs are gathered from the highlands of Iceland, one of the most unspoilt and totally unpolluted areas on earth, and combined with the purest mountain spring water.

The products are the brainchild of Icelandic actress Soley Eliasdottir, whose great-great-grandmother was a renowned healer and midwife. Ingredients such as yarrow, birch, bearberry and willow combine to create a ‘precious and powerful’ medicine.

Soley’s first product, Graedir healing cream – actually more akin to a balm in its formulation – is based on a recipe from her great-grandfather Erlingur. Slather it on wherever your skin needs a little TLC: it helps with psoriasis, skin irritation, eczema, burns, rashes and yeast infections.

Graedir healing cream, 30ml – euros 25

We also love birkiR – a gentle yet effective hair and body shampoo that contains a serum made from wild Icelandic birch which has, for centuries, been used as a healing herb. Its astringent, slightly minty, antiseptic scent is invigorating and would appeal equally to men and women.

birkiR hair and body shampoo, 250ml – euros 22