If you fancy a wellness boost to kickstart your week, join the lucky residents of West London who are flocking to the stunning new Re:Centre wellness space bang on the river at Thames Wharf in Hammersmith (calming water and wellness go hand in hand, we say).

It had been mooted to be a pizza place (shock, horror!), but instead it’s a cool fusion of urban and pastoral, offering workshops, classes, talks and all-round inspiration.

With 4,000 square feet of riverside space with a sprung wood floor available, the space is available to rent for events in line with Re:Centre’s ethos, including for teachers and practitioners of subjects including, but not limited to: art, music, drama, dance, yoga, health, mindfulness and nutrition. The space can accommodate regular as well as one-off classes and workshops for adults and children alike.

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Instagram: @recentre_london

Website: recentre.co.uk