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Illegally blonde

the Antidote to... dark roots!


Most women would agree that the state of your hair will make or break your image and, more importantly, your self- confidence. I know that if we could we would all be in the salon as advised every two months, maintaining a glossy and healthy-looking colour. But nobody’s perfect. I’ve got the cheat sheet – this nifty spray from Charles Worthington, £9.99 will help to lighten your roots in minutes so you can get some of that confidence back. Be warned, though –- this isn’t a long-term solution and overkill will lead to sticky roots, which is a rather unpleasant side effect.

If you’d rather not risk a do reminiscent of Ross from Friends circa ’97 then perhaps the Blending Wand from colourist extraordinaire Josh Wood, £12.50 is a safer choice. The brush head is easier to manoeuvre than a spray and you end up using less product – roots and greys be gone in a flash with this magic wand.