Inspired by Autumn


Bring the outdoors in!

A wonderful autumn blend is four drops of bergamot oil, eight drops of geranium oil and two drops of rose oil. Inspired by the hedgerows, you could also try rosehip seed oil and place a vase of colourful autumn leaves in the bathroom or a vibrant-coloured autumnal pot plant. Other oils that suit the scents and emotions of autumn are cinnamon and patchouli, as well as energising citrus oils: sweet orange, mandarin and tangerine, with lime, lemon and grapefruit.

Try to maximise light by making sure curtains and blinds are open as much as possible, and open a window to let in a little fresh air if you can.

My top picks are below:

Naissance bergamot essential oil

Tisserand rose absolute essential oil:

Naissance sweet orange oil:

Absolute Aromas Cinnamon Leaf essential oil:

Absolute Aromas rosehip oil :

Naissance patchouli oil:

Tisserand geranium oil :