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It’s here! My annual Spa Guide for Tatler

It’s here! My annual Spa Guide for Tatler out with the June issue, looking beautiful as always – you can’t beat print for instant inspirational escapism. Well done and thank you to the people at Tatler Magazine that worked on it with me, you are brilliant.

Many think that being a Spa Guide Editor of a beautiful magazine is a breeze, that it’s all lolling around having massages and facials. Sure there’s some of that, and sure it’s wonderful (usually!), but there’s also a huge industry to navigate, trips to orchestrate, PR’s to meet and keep up to date with, very smart and talented experts from super smart, medically qualified doctors to therapists and practitioners to interview and understand and convey in layman’s terms what it is they do. There are the appropriate writers to commission to do a property and review justice – something I am passionate about. There’s the editing, the flat plan, the valued sponsors that frankly, without whom there wouldn’t be supplements like this in the first place. There are dawn wake-up calls to exercise with relentlessly enthusiastic and super-fit PT’s, there are medical tests to try out in order to write about that don’t always show good news. There are emotions to be dealt with from the least expected places as the spa magic does its work releasing long-held feelings and toxins of the mental and physical kind (from my own to journalists I’ve sent to road test challenging programmes).

Growing up I experienced a lot of illness around me and being me, I rebelled and embraced health and wellbeing 26 years ago and this is what has led me to the world of spas – because they are gateways to goodness, wellness and the world. It’s not the UN I realise but it takes blood, sweat and tears to produce a guide like this and requires dedication.

So do go and treat yourself to a copy when it hits the newsstands on Monday 30 April to get the latest low down on some of the worlds very best spas and retreats, some cracking features on anxiety, eating habits now and lots of top notch reviews from the best in the bizz. Stay posted for more spa insights and behind the spa-scene weeks.