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Find out whats in the stars for you with Linda Joyce

Feeling wobbly and need some guidance? Linda Joyce is an international astrologer and life coach I highly recommend. Linda uses your personal astrological birth chart, and cuts to the chase, highlighting strengths and weaknesses so that you can navigate your true path in 2018.


What’s in the stars for you? 

International astrologer and life coach Linda Joyce offers astrology at its best, using your own intimate personal birth chart to help you to find meaning and decipher your true path. In just one hour you will reconnect to your core and understand whatever it is that is holding you back from love, success and happiness.

And now’s a good time for a reading as the world is heading for major shifts. As Linda says: “The world is fraught with so much change and each of us has things in our lives we cannot control.” Apparently, Saturn in Capricorn is bringing change to all of us this year, showing us reality and allowing us to face our fears to fix what’s not working.

A recent crash in the stock market heralds war-like Uranus in Aries in May, and as the planet enters Taurus in May, huge changes and financial shifts are more likely to happen, switching the emphasis to money and values, shaking things up worldwide.

The message for us, as individuals, is not to over-stretch ourselves until we see how things pan out. As Linda says, “What often looks destructive is nothing more than an adjustment.” Your personal chart will reveal how you will handle this event.

As of this post (8 Feb) Linda’s in London for a few days, so book while you can, but if you can’t make these dates, subscribe to her email to find out when she’s next in town.

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