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Lola James Harper candles

the Antidote to... an uninspired flame

The onset of autumn means we’re more likely to be spending time indoors, so why not give your home an olfactory treat with a gorgeous new candle?. Musicians Lola James Harper travel the world writing, recording and gaining creative inspiration. As a result, they’ve created a range of candles that recreates the mood and scent of some of their favourite haunts: Barcelona, Paris, London, New York.

The Music Studio on Trufo Street is a gorgeous melange of cashmeran, rose and musk, inspired by The Trufo Studio in Paris, where they worked their albums. The studio is at the top of an old Parisian building, just under the roof and filled with African and Oriental percussions and a silver drum kit, a place where they love to create, compose and write songs. The candle has a wonderful depth of musky scent and would be a sultry burn at nighttime.

£30 – buy it here