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Magnesium oils

the Antidote to... a lack of magnesium in the body

Magnesium is severely lacking in the modern, over-processed Western diet (you get it from nuts, wholegrain and dark greens FYI), yet this vital mineral is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body: it promotes relaxation, relieves muscle tension, aids skeletal strength etc.

Spritz Better You Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray (£12.20 for 100ml) is an ESSENTIAL. Spray on to skin in the morning and evening and after a month your body’s magnesium levels will be restored to normal. Be warned: the tingling feeling it creates is normal.

We also love Thalion Ocean Magnesium Oil, a massage formula that has been shown to help alleviate joint pain, stress, nocturnal cramps and sleeping disorders.