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Make someone smile this Christmas and Wintertime

‘The most wonderful time of the year’… Christmas isn’t always so for some people. We discuss the effects of Christmas time on those feeling isolated or experiencing problems with mental wellbeing.



Know someone living on their own or feeling isolated this Christmas? They could really use you popping in to say hello.

Recent research by the Mental Health Foundation found that 65% of people have experienced a mental health problem rising to 7 in every 10 in more ‘at risk’ groups including those living alone. Alarmingly a MIND survey found that over half of the respondents had considered harming themselves at Christmas.

One of founders (a new mental health support site) Nele Van Cauteren says: “We are bombarded by images of happy groups of family and friends enjoying themselves during Christmas and New Year, but many people’s reality is totally different. The festive season is actually a very difficult time for a lot of people, particularly those who live alone or who have problems with mental wellbeing.” offers tailor made solutions as well as a support system including monthly modules run by a team of teachers who have a background in therapy, business, medicine and mindfulness. In the meantime, take a mince pie and the gift of your presence to that neighbour living by themselves. You have no idea how much it will mean to them.