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Mauli body oils

the Antidote to... unemotional body oils

Heavenly British beauty brand Mauli uses Ayurvedic principles from India to create all-natural skin, hair and body treatments made in consultation with highly respected aromatherapists. The Ayurvedic philosophy says that when you work out your Ayurvedic ‘dosha type’ – the forces that govern you mentally and physically – it should influence all your live style choices from your food, exercise and even down to your beauty products.  It’s a big lifestyle choice to make but we feel, one definitely worth investigating. Mauli range references the doshas creating effective, nourishing products that not only feel and smell divine but also relate to balancing the doshes rather than solely focusing on the usual skin types. Clever. Spirited. We are TOTALLY addicted to their sublime body oils.

Surrender (£47 for 130ml) is a comforting blend to balance the Vata energies via a soothing blend of chamomile, frankincense, ylang ylang, spikenard, may chang, geranium and vetiver. It helps to condition skin, boost circulation, strengthen joints, soothe aching bones and ease anxiety for deep physical and emotional healing.

Serenity (£47 for 130ml) balances the Pitta energies to pacify a fiery mood, strengthen joints and soothe inflamed skin. Therapeutic oils of bergamot, lavender, lime, spearmint, sandalwood and rose absolute in a base of tissue-healing evening primrose, sweet almond and jojoba help eliminate toxins, balance digestion and banish nervous tension.

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