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Mio Liquid Yoga

the Antidote to... a frazzled mindset

Can serenity in a bottle really be possible? Mio Skincare’s Liquid Yoga Space Spray is your go-to genie: a heady mix of essential oils that zones you out of stressful mindsets. Simply create your own peace of mind with a single spritz, then breathe in for an instant mood changer to calm, de-stress and rebalance.

Perfect for pulse points, pillow, yoga mat, car or office, the spray can also help promote natural deep sleep and ease the tension that causes headaches.

Its powerful essential oils include a V-Tonic™ blend of stimulating lemon, rebalancing cypress, anxiety-banishing cysts, calming mint, mandarin, lavender and lavandin and spirit-raising chamomile. As befits such a pure product, it’s free from paragons, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colourants.

Mio Liquid Yoga Stress-Free Space Spray, £19.50