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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all types of mothers. Oh and a quick lesson on how to serve your champagne!

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the nurturing, caring side of all of us and every woman I know is a mother in some way shape or form, even those who haven’t physically had children, they still beautifully mother their loved ones and their loved ones children. So let’s raise a toast to all the types of mothers in our lives and that means with classic Champagne today, right? But here’s a quick lesson in bubbles: forget the flute or the coupe, however stylishly Hepburn they may be: Champagne tastes way better from a proper Champagne glass, such as @riedel_official. In a trialled tasting with Moet et Chandon, coupes reduced bubbles and flavour, while flutes were too narrow to allow the full aroma and flavour to be enjoyed (in fact, they became popular mainly because they allow waiting staff to carry more glasses at once, on a tray). ⠀