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My holistic hounds; Ruben & Rosco in @thetimes Weekend

My holistic hounds; Ruben & Rosco in @thetimes Weekend today. I have written about my passion for their complimentary healthcare and the people I turn to for my dogs wellbeing. I adore my twin French bulldog twins, the most popular breed in the UK now. I have always loved this breed and they are certainly not fashion statements but adored family members. I have written about the great people and products I turn to to help with their maintenance. And I do love the reaction to my first person pieces on mental, physical and emotional health. It is always so polarising. This is good because opinion is everything, indifference is the enemy…. @thetimes @olijustedogtrainer @thedogcommunicator @willowstep1 @honeysrealdogfood @mungoandmaud

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