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No more hay fever?

the Antidote to... hay fever sneezing

by Jo Lamiri

May really does mean ‘may day’ for hayfever sufferers as it marks the start of the pollen season – with itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose developing in thousands of otherwise healthy people.

But research has found that relief might come from an unlikely source: microbiotics. The findings – from the University of Florida – look set to prove that introducing a microbiotic supplement to your diet could not only strengthen your immune system, but also act as a preventative measure to developing intolerances and allergies. In particular, Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria performed well in tests on 173 healthy adults who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms.

Udo’s Choice Super 8 microbiotics contain 8 strains of bacteria, including those tested in the study. Find it at health food shops on online here, £25.99

All that eye watering, rubbing and anti-histamine eye drops can mean dry, inflamed skin around the eyes. If so, Skin Shop’s Dry Eye Gel will come in handy, in its handbag-sized tube. A light, natural gel with cardiospermum, a plant extract that performed well in UK trials and published research, the gel delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-itching benefits without irritation. Use from the fridge for an extra-cooling effect – available from for £7.95 for 15ml.