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Queen of the roses

the Antidote to... Girly girl rose perfumes

These two fragrances are both rose-based but forget light and goody-two-shoes girly. No, it takes a real woman to wear these gems. While Rose Infernale is lighter, brighter and chirpier than Rose Nocturne, it’s still bold and ballsy and just about do-able for daylight hours. Rose Nocturne, however, is definitely one for after dark with its hefty, musty, punchy patchouli – most definitely not for the faint-hearted and should be spritzed into the air and walked through (quickly) rather than applied direct.

At £127 a bottle they don’t come cheap, but these powerful scents linger lovingly for hours and it’s not often you get a bottle so solid, so elegant so work of arty that you want to use the empty as a paperweight.