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Give your water a new lease of life 

Can you imagine turning tap water to wellbeing-boosting pure, delicious mountain spring water?

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Well, you can – I recently discovered a very smart, sustainable technology, Grander Water Revitalisation, which returns water to its natural, pure state by reorganising, revitalising and restructuring its internal structure. This is very clever, quantum physics clever and I urge you to visit link below and watch the videos to get a much better, fuller explanation than I can do justice.

Here’s how it works: pour water into a glass, bottle or pottery jug (I use a 5l litre glass Kilner jar) and place it on a specially made Grander Energy Board (powered by a spiral copper tube). It only takes about five minutes to revitalise a jug of tap water (probably about an hour for my 5-litre jar), making it as fresh as water from a spring. I drink so much more water now, particularly important at this time.

You could also use it in your fridge to keep fruit, vegetables and salad fresher for longer, and to revitalise all liquids, including coffee and wine! Cut flowers will also last twice as long in revitalised water.

Visit the Grander website via this link to find out more.



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