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Aromatherapy in the Sauna: Introducing SaunaGus

Introducing Saunagus – Aromatherapy in the sauna, followed by a quick dip in the cold Baltic sea. Sound crazy? There are some amazing health benefits.


I just spent a breath-taking weekend (literally) at the Kurhotel Skodsborg in Copenhagen doing an intense health and energy reset going between a steaming hot sauna and freezing cold Baltic sea (I’m talking around 2°C).


This was all in the name of the SaunaGus, aromatherapy in the sauna basically with a ‘Gus Master’ who cooks up herbs and aromatherapy oils on the hot oven and swings the heat, steam and aromas around by wielding a towel that is also flicked at high speed directly at you creating an intense wave of heat. To ‘cool down’ you take a dip in cold water. I did this at the incredible KurHotel Skodsborg with the  ‘cool down’ being a plunge in Øresund, the body of water in the Baltic sea between Denmark and Sweden.


So, why is it good for you?

Health benefits of this cold immersion, following an aromatherapy session in the sauna,  increases the sauna’s elevation of heart rate, adrenaline and endorphins and relieves stress & depression, aiding better sleep.

It improves blood flow, pulling the blood back to your main organs, reinforcing your body’s natural defences and helping muscles recover faster so athletes to sports fans and those wanting a feel-good, glow-inducing health and beauty boost.


For more about the beautiful hotel and their spa offerings, visit their website: