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Susanne Kaufmann: products designed to soothe

the Antidote to... grey, city skin in need of an alpine blast

Growing up in Alpine Austria, Susanne Kaufmann was influenced by the healing ingredients of plants and herbs around her. Lucky for us she has creates her own range with the help of dermatologists and pharmacologists, operating out of Hotel Post Bezau.

With their almost-clinical packaging, these organic products are all about purity and nature – and we’re slightly besotted with them. The holistic Susanne Kaufmann™ Alkali Salt (£30 for 180g) is a wholesome scrub that helps to reduce the acidity of the skin, promotes the elimination of waste products and sets blocked energies free. Use it as a bath, foot bath or body scrub after intense sporting activity, to reduce stress or to treat skin disorders. Leg & Vein Cooling Spray (£23 for 75ml) is instantly cooling and calming for those with tired pins and those with swollen varicose veins, while Oil Bath for the Senses (£19 for 100ml) is a heady concoction of ylang ylang, lavender and patchouli essential oils – buy online or at Space NK. Wonderful range through and through.