Take a bath for better health


This week I have revealed a few of my fabulous bath-related health tips in the Daily Mail.

Did you know that:

– Bathing raises the temperature of sore muscles, blocking pain receptors and producing pain relief. A cold bath after exercise lowers levels of lactic acid, enabling speedy muscle recovery.

– A warm bath will make your heart work faster, giving it a healthy workout and improving circulation.

– Bathing in hot water increases sweating, which helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria from the body

– The best way to reduce inflammation and dry out mucus in the nasal passages and throat when you have a cough or cold is to clear them with steam. A 2011 study also showed that elevated body temperate can help elements of the immune system to function more efficiently, warding off infections and viruses.

For more on the health benefits of a bath, see my new book, Bathe, out on 18 October.