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Fabulous book alert! The Chakra Project

The healing power of energy is a very interesting sphere, and energy medicine is a growing area even in more mainstream health. I believe it can really change your life if you tune in and take care of your own internal energy systems. The Chakra Project (Octopus Books, £16.99) @chakraproject is a fabulous place to start learning about your chakras, your internal energy centres ‘the interface between our hardworking physical body and energy around us, that in electrical terms, act like a transformer between the two’ as the author and energy worker Georgia Coleridge explains. Georgia is one of the UK’s best healers and my favourite soul spring cleaner! Her new book is a beautiful, inspiring and unpretentious and relatable intro to the power of chakras and the magical map laced with vibration, power and incredible intelligence that connects body and soul. Find out how the body’s seven chakras can nourish creativity, increase motivation and help you to shine, incorporating colours, crystals, oils and cleansing, healing techniques and tips. Like any machine, the human body and soul are complex systems with many layers and interfaces all that need maintenance to perform and last. High vibes people!

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