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The ultimate retreat in Spain

the Antidote to... retreats with no heart

Notting Hill-based Jane Kesal is a woman after my own heart. She has created one of the most wonderful, seriously evolved but bull**** free retreats in a stunning family house in the middle of a spectacular private 1500-acre natural park in Cordoba.

Floaty yogi, Jane is not. She is a dynamic holistic wonder woman also skilled at guided meditation, hypnotherapy and what can only be described as spiritual psychology: more set on mending your soul than your mind.

Jane and her dream team of carefully selected mind and body therapists seriously specialised in their field offer up a sensational smorgasbord of 2-3 treatments every day on top of 2 yoga and meditation sessions with Jane. Take Katrin Hempel, the no-nonsense naturopath and nutritionist and ‘live blood’ analyst who, with one drop of blood from your finger on a glass slide and her special microscope, can see what lies beneath (the results will stop you in your tracks – if gloopy blood cells all joined up in a bound-up mass rather than separate, bouncy and free spirited doesn’t encourage you to clean up your act, I don’t know what will).

Or Minxy Marma Point therapist and fellow yogi Michael Bartelle, whose intense massage aims to release blockages along your energy highway by way of deep, neuro-muscular junctions. It’s intense at times but oh so liberating to mind and muscle. And Enrique, oh Enrique Cortadellas who does a one-of-a-kind deep and I mean deeeeep tissue massage that will roller out really longstanding knots (be warned: his breathing pattern that takes hold when he is in the zone can be a little unnerving at first as he transcends into what sound like a human steam train!). But get over it, his massage is awesome.

And then there’ s the Scottish shaman, medium and Reiki Master, James Philip with his dulcet Scottish tones and spunky spirit guides who between the three of them, if you let them, will work on a whole new level of you.

In addition to sublime treatments, you’re also fuelled morning, noon and night with a kaleidoscope of fresh juices. While the food errs on the alkaline side, it is tasty and so satisfying with a Spanish kick, naturally.

Pack light, as Jane has thought of everything. Luxury organic beauty products in bathroom, yup. Chaps for horseriding? Ready and waiting. Just bring good intentions and a willing heart as this inspirational, intimate itinerary you find yourself following with these incredible people in this incredible place, will unearth things you never knew about yourself. If you let them, these precious few days might just change your life.

£4,500 (excluding flights)