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Healthy skincare for real

the Antidote to... overpriced and fuddy-duddy organic skincare

Could this be the new Aesop? We think so (and it’s SO much more down-to-earth and affordable)…

Mover over Aesop – there’s a new kid on the block, Grown Alchemist. And we LOVE it.

This is a range of truly effective, Australian-certified products, made with dynamic, hardworking, organic botanical ingredients and packed with powerful natural actives. Grown Alchemist offers excellent results without the use of harmful artificial chemicals – the body recognises the benefit of their natural synergistic molecular structure, unlike chemicals which make the body go WTF!

Grown Alchemist has a team of cosmetic chemists based in London, Paris and Australia whisking up these forward-thinking formulas. Far from being either nerdy or worthy, the entire range looks fab, smells fab, feels fab and is right up The Antidote’s street. They have even labelled themselves ‘Healthy Skincare’ with good reason: products contain none of the chemical nasties like lauryl sulphate glycols, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance, animal derivatives, T.E.A. (laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, general cleaners, best left to your laundry cupboard not beauty), D.E A. (an extremely carcinogenic compound used to create a lather in products like shampoos), synthetic colours, silicones and parabens.

What’s more – even their packaging policy is ethical. As well as protecting the formulations within, the non-leaching, lined aluminium tubes ensure the pure ingredients are not contaminated by air, sunlight or chemicals.  The original scientific amber bottles are made from glass, offering a safe, non-leaching, UV-protected environment and allowing the ingredients to remain as active and effective as possible.

The Antidote has loved everything we have tried so far, in particular the Pearl, Peppermint & Ylang Ylang Body Exfoliant, £19 and Olive Leaf & Plantago Facial Cream Cleanser, £29 the Body Exfoliant Cream Cleanser