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The School of Life 100 Questions cards: Love

the Antidote to... expensive therapy sessions

People often suffer in their closest relationships because we don’t know how to talk. If we feel there is no good excuse or opportunity to raise certain questions, we may miss out on conversations that might have rescued us.

Inside this box – a toolkit for relationships – you will find 100 carefully composed questions, designed by leading experts, on how to get lovers talking to one another and their friends about who they are, who they hope to become, some of the things they secretly want, and the pleasures and sorrows of love. ‘What was your family’s attitude to showing affection? How does this affect you now?’ and ‘Is it a sign of cynicism or wisdom to tolerate affairs?’ are just two of the meaty and thought-inspiring questions on offer.

Topics include:

Family Baggage
You as a Partner
The Start of Relationships
Relationship Hygiene

Once you’ve solved all your relationship issues with the Love set of cards, move on to the other sets in the series: Original, Work and Family, £20 each or buy all four sets for £60 here